How do you listen live to RadioX?  Now you have two ways: your radio or your computer!

We happen to have three nifty radio signals. Check out RadioX at 94.7, 94.9, or 104.5FM.  Click here to
"Find Your X and Lock It In (tm)" for your best shot to tune us in. Not on the map? Well, now you can listen live on your computer - at work, at school or even while you're yakking on MySpace (or all of the above). Depending on where you live or work, you may hear one or more of our stations - all playing exactly the same thing. If you can't hear it on radio, get to a computer.  RadioX is Long Island's Only Alternative Station.  Cool, right?

RadioX Network Control with Chief Engineer Snydely Flapmouth at the controls

Here's a message from our exalted leader, Scotty Hart:

"During certain weather conditions, RadioX may experience interference on any of our FM transmit frequencies.  This is an unfortunate consequence of our low power micro broadcast transmission vs. the corporate giants that occasionally due traverse over our signal from their distant transmitter location. Heck, even the big guys get overridden sometimes.
Please be patient as these conditions usually clear during the later morning and afternoon hours.  Late night through (unfortunately) morning drive are the most likely times for these types of atmospheric events.
We appreciate your understanding until we can one day appropriate a 50,000 watt transmitter ourselves, and stomp on them for a change!!"