RadioX believes that new music needs exposure to our audience whether that music is from a new unsigned act looking for a national audience or even a talented high school group.  That's why we created a new venue for that music: RadioXposed.

Is it working? 
Yes.  In the year or so that the show has been on the air and now on the web, a number of the featured bands have been signed to various record labels and some have gone on high-exposure tours like Van's Warped Tour '06 and Bamboozle.  Would the same outcome happened for these acts without a show like RadioXposed?

is hosted by our Aural Fix Communique Publisher, Mike Ferrari and RadioX's man in the clubs,
The J.  Every week, they comes into the studio with  arms filled with CDs of new music and plays them.  Simple as that!  Catch the show on Sundays from 6-8pm.

Send your press kits with CD to:
PO BOX 594
RIDGE, NY 11961

Email questions & requests to: either, his personal MySpace or hit the new RadioXposed site on Myspace!

Sorry, we do not accept MP3s or WAV files via email.